Confidence and Self Esteem Matters

Building a child’s self-esteem is high on our list of priorities when we welcome an athlete through our doors.  We believe the camaraderie and confidence that our students gain is invaluable.

Research has shown that some performers actually struggle with low self-esteem. Some have a fear of making mistakes or that their performance is never ‘good enough’ in the eyes of a judge. Others simply have stage fright due to their lack of confidence. Some perfectionist-type personalities are easily and quickly discouraged.

My staff and I work very hard at challenging instruction and realistic goal setting with our students.  We want the dancers to feel both challenged AND successful at what they are doing.  Teamwork is a very important life skill.  Learning to work together, and to help teammates balance each others’ strengths and weaknesses is so important. Positive coaching gets positive results.

We had the opportunity to put this into action just this last week. We had a young athlete with a mental block. She suddenly regressed in her technical skill level and seemingly forgot material in her routine.  Letting up the pressure and just focusing on what she was doing RIGHT helped pull her out of her mental block.  We were able to steer her back on course and get her ready for a big competition – all with positive coaching!

In the words of Dr. Linda Hamilton, a Performance Psychology Specialist, “It’s crucial to catch negative thoughts (‘I’m a failure’) and counter them with facts, logic, and reason (‘Everyone makes mistakes’). If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, please don’t say it to yourself.”

Thank you parents, staff, and students for being a part of our positive learning environment that allows our studio community to thrive!

Kristi Brown

Kicks Unlimited Dance

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