In the Spotlight- Audrey





It’s my pleasure to introduce Audrey as our Spotlight Dancer! She is a pleasant mini dancer who arrives to class with a big smile and even bigger heart! Audrey is full of cheer and is always the first to welcome new friends to class.

Audrey is resilient- she bounces back quick from any struggle and perseveres until she gets it right. She is determined and fearless! Along with her own strong mindset, I have noticed her natural inclination to cheer for others to succeed.  This is the character of a true champion!

Audrey’s favorite style of dance is Tap. She specifically  loves the shuffle step.  She wants to  choreograph her own dance routine and perform it on stage when she gets bigger.

Outside of dancing, Audrey loves her little sister, playing with dolls, playing with friends, and eating soup.

We are super excited to see what the rest of this season brings for Audrey and   friends!


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